About Us

About Us

Our Purpose

  • Working with leaders to build sustainable safety cultures and integrate WHS into their normal operating rhythm.


  • Company Board’s and Officer’s WHS requirements are becoming more and more onerous and complicated thanks to increasing regulatory burden, systems complexity, bureaucracy, uninformed opinions and legal scaremongering.
  • Many HSE practitioners struggle to effectively help organisations and their leadership reduce HSE complexity and bureaucracy due to conflicting pressures and priorities.
  • WHS activities, systems and governance should and can be integrated into organisational operating systems and Board and Executive operating diligence, governance and strategic activities, rather than becoming an add-on and extra burden on already time poor leaders.
  • Our goal is to rationalise and simplify to remove much of the burden often associated with WHS. We aim to achieve easier, less complicated processes that make sense, deliver value for the organisation and ultimately protect people and prevent harm.
  • Our passion is working with and supporting organisation leaders to build a sustainable safety culture and integrate WHS as much as possible into the normal operating rhythm and processes of the organisation, its current operating systems, governance and diligence activities.
  • Our aim is to ensure that the organisation’s WHS program is relevant, targeted and specific to their operating risk, prevents harm and delivers improved performance.
  • Australian Company.
  • Based in Victoria.
  • Worked across all of Australia and parts of South East Asia.
  • We have a wide range of experience, from the workplace through to the Board room.
  • We have over thirty years of experience across multiple industry sectors including, roads, tunnels, bridges, commercial buildings, shipbuilding, pipelines, infrastructure, manufacturing and agriculture.
  • We also have an extensive network of experienced professionals that we have partnered with over many years.